Budgens and Dragons a comedy

A Brief History of Budgens and Dragons

My name is Eddie O’Keeffe, the creator and DM of Budgens and Dragons.

Budgens and Dragons started out of spite. I played Dungeons and Dragons once and, rather controversially, had a miserable time. For me there were too many rules, far too much maths and for a game that was sold to me as being creatively open; I felt very restricted.

However I couldn’t shake the feeling of missing out on something that everyone else was playing. I really wanted to roll some dice and go on adventures. At the time I had also started listening to the comedy podcast Rude Tales of Magic, and I learnt from that that you could have a D&D adventure thats extremely silly, change up some of the rules and make it your own. So for the next few months I poured over this idea for a very basic, very stupid and impossible to beat ‘campaign’ - buy your mum a scratch card from your local shop.

So what is Budgens and Dragons?

Budgens and Dragons is an unfair, actual play podcast/game where the goal is to buy Mother a scratch card from the local Budgens in Faringdon, Oxfordshire; bring it back home and give it to Mother. The catch is, everything in the game can kill you (or Mother). Once everyone dies the game resets and you have to start over from the beginning, with absolutely no memories of the previous loops. If anyone does remember a previous loop, they will die.

You do get some help though, theres a chance to win a do-over which will undo someones death, there are a bunch of hidden side quests and prizes to win which may help or hinder your progress and there are a collection of colourful NPCs dotted around the world who can be tempted to aid you on your very stupid quest.

Character creation in this game is also extremely simplified. There are no modifiers in play ever. The only things that are needed are:

A name.

A bio.

A positive trait(s).

A negative trait(s).

Any misc. Information.

Me and my brother Alex, who co-edits the show, have also created 100 pre-made characters for people to play as if they cannot think of anybody.

If you manage to complete the task, I will buy you a real life scratch card!

The podcast is available on Spotify, Soundcloud and Apple Podcasts, and we also have a Patreon page at which grants you access to our exclusive campaign as well as the B&D Discord!

And of course we have our live shows every month at Board n Bites - primarily on the first Saturday of every month!

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